The way here

13 Nov

The way here

I have chosen 3d movie production after I completed
• 1 year subscription, shape and color
• 1 year 3D Design
• 2 years 3D game design

I have many dreams and thoughts about what I want to work with when I become “adult”, and we all have to start one place. So this year I decided to take
• 1 year Technical design with CAD 2D/3D
• 2 years 3d movie production

Let’s just say that I will have more than enough to do this year.
I has always been a very creative person.
I made a lot of hobby figurines when I was younger, and it
has only developed further. I got an early interest in computers, I was at The Gathering in Hamar first time in 2003. I have attended every year thereafter until 2013, this being the first year without TG.

The programs I have worked with are:
• 3D Max
• Photoshop
• Crazy bump
I’ve used a few others as well, but I have no good knowledge in.

I’m a big fan of Disney classics films, I have the whole collection.
It’s made a lot of new 3D movies now. My favorite must be the Avatar,
the way they did it all for the best results. They did everything very complete, with incredible colors.

I have become very adept at working independently, but look forward to this year,
where I will be in 3D CAD have a collaboration with others in another way.
good with a group where we can work together.

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