Creative Animation Film Overview

15 Mar

Dots (1940)   by Norman McLaren

This was a type of movie I have not seen before.

At first I thought it was exciting, but then it happened anything more than the dots falling and made ​​music.

It was not quite a movie for my taste. The idea is good, only they did a little more.

My conclusion is that I would have had something more.

It was a little slow and lacked that little extra.

This is a movie I would have had in a children’s film perhaps.

Dotts could fall together and make something.

Fantasmagorie (1904) by Emile Cohl

The start is good, where the figure is drawn.

It gave quite quickly the impression that it was the same type of movie as “Streken”.

Alternatively, when we drawn on post it and made the video thumbnail.

There is a story line and something happens all the time.

This means that you are more present during the film.

A place this could be shown in the movie “Skomaker Andersen”.

Cafe Serre (2009) av David Cantolla, Luis Gallego and Guillermo García Carsi

This was incredibly nice, I was happy at the moment it started.

There is something that gives the impression of Pixar short movies or disney.

Here they had a meaning from start to finish. Sound, music and animation match.

The story was wonderful. This is my kind of film.

Pocoyo (2007) David Cantolla, Luis Gallego and Guillermo García Carsi

(original link was not working so I found this

Is a film with good mood. Definitely a film for children tv.

To learn everything, a little moral, some language, as well as making it fun.

It is made very simple, allowing children see better what is happening.

Reminds a lot about Teletubbies really.

Slightly more talk and language use. Something I appreciate

Ryan (2004)
The beginning gives me after the other films one impression that this is not a film for children.

It was not, but it turns out to be something completely different than the first impression.

They have some amazing models.

I have not seen that way texture characters on before.

The film gives me a sense of not to lose yourselves, because then you get erased, and forgather.

there is a lot of work behind the film, not the least in terms of when it is made.

Cyber Evolution (2007)

First impressions were aliens. Reminds me of the movie “war of the worlds”,

then went over to my film about “A1 (Artificial Intelligence).”

I love what I see as is done here, but a bit messy at first.

But it was probably intended. I like the Theme 2/2. Where are the nice colors.

The music complements the film.

Toyota / APT Prod. (2006)

This I enjoyed very much.It made sure I wanted a Toyota without having seen the car they sell.

The way the tree grows on providing a good feel. It was a movie about saving the environment.

They told you that you saved the environment by buying the car. I’ve seen a lot of advertising, but this product is sold extra well.


But this is just a lot of what I think about the movies I see in a list.

What I aim to, and what I believe is a good movie is THIS

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