Digital Acting 1 (part1-Error)

19 Mar

jeg startet en prosess uten og lese gjennom oppgaven nøye. Så dette er ikke den avsluttende oppgaven.
I start the process of locating an old rig I used on the exam in 3D Design.
His called Finn rig.
I spent a long time looking, but I didn’t find him. I had to retrieve him from an old assignment file.
Then I went into to search for a movie I could use as references.
I was very lucky it was someone who had thought the same as me to make a video of lifting a box.
This had the character sketches per X frame.

So I found a video of a man who lifted a car.
This I downloaded from YouTube. Then I put it into Camtasia.
I walked slowly through the still and chose the ones I felt were important,
took a screen shot and put it into Photoshop to naming time frame.
After creating all the images that were important, I cut away all unnecessary scene.

Saved all the layers in a folder, and sent the mail with all pictures on my iPad,
and started to draw sketches of the man.
This proved to take too much time, the result was not like my mind,
the film was not good enough quality and was very dark.

Made a plane in 3D Max and uses pictures instead of using sketches.
This worked a little, but then came the next problem. I cant animate,
It’s something I have to practice a lot on. Off, this was difficult.
Now I just stressed, going around myself ..

I changed the pictures on the plan in 3D Max, and animated after this.
I only have hard keys yet, but it’s a start. Above you see the movie.
I downloaded a car from turbo squid, that I placed in the scene.(CAR)


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