21 Mar

Change the unit of measure by writing , viewed as decimal precision 0.0
Grid squares are in the background.

Full screen
Double clicking the mouse wheel – full screen

Grid-stock gray guides visually.

Snap – moves the cursor to the nearest point

Zoom-if you can not zoom more write

Esc – exit command

Save as
Always save first time. (CTRL and S)
Always keep all content in the middle of the screen when you save. Save as (. Dwt)
Create your own Autocad files folder.
Creating iso drawing

Select the model you want by right clicking to selected object.
When you select the ones you want, you can delete it by pressing enter.
*Right click and go forward so it turns blue (W), this select objects within the lines.
*Pull back and you want to select everything you hit (C).

Write in and enter, this will restore everything you have previously deleted.

F2-information history
F8-Ortho- limit draw angle. This will be used to create straight lines.
F10-Polar- this stock right angles to lines.


All windows can be turned off at the bottom right.


Y = vertical
X = horizontal
Z = depth

Work space
Over User interface can I switch windows when I work in several images, or view multiple windows at once. (Top right)
Control + tabbing forward changing the window I’m working in.
Control + shift + tab change the window backwards

Model space moderates in the real size
Paper is to print the image on a sheet.
Funeture plan is to enlarge parts of the drawing

90 degrees east. It follows clockwise.

When working with ISO,
it pays to look at under .
This gives the dots to work for.

Midpoint – for lines and arcs.
Center – applies arcs and circles.
Node – applies Point objects, we use the rare.
Quadrant – is 90-degrees position in circles.
Intersection – is the cross point between objects and Extension is lengthening.


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