Shortcut keys DAC

21 Mar

Esc ECAP [Esc] cancels a command that is in progress.

F1 Help Help Function? Button on the dialog boxes

F2 Text Display of AutoCAD text window in the middle of the drawing area, on / off. Here you can see the last executed commands.

F3 OSNAP Trailing objektsnapfunksjonen, on / off.

F5 Isoplane Specifies the current isometric plane and the appropriate axis pair when using isometric Snap

F6 DUCS Dynamic coordinate, that we need later in 3D modeling.

F7 GRID Wallpaper Web, on / off.

F8 ORTHO For drawing orthogonal (horizontal / vertical) lines, on / off.

F9 SNAP Controls incremental lengths in the drawing area, on / off.

POLAR F10 Controls feature Polar tracking, on / off.

F11 OTRACK Turns helpline from OSNAP points on or off. Works only with OSNAP

F12 DYN Turns on / off control of coordinates and display of lengths / angles while a draw


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