DigAct 1 (Part 2)

23 Mar

Storytelling poses
Task 1 – Pick Out the Keyframes

Key poses describe WHAT happens, but not necessarily HOW it happens.
I would recommend everyone to read HERE
main Keyframes

So my Key frames are
3 – 5 – 8 – 11 – 15 – 17 – 20

Now I have seen some others assignments, set keyframes which they believe is right. And I see that none of us agree. So will be interesting to see what the answer really is at this

Task 2 – Find your own!

I found a movie on youtube.
I loaded it down and up so that it will not disappear if someone deletes it
you can watch the movie HERE
shortmovie key
I put the film into Camtasia studio, found all the key frames, made ​​a storyboard of all key frames in photoshop


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