Project 01 – Lift (Notes basic principles of animation) FP

24 Mar

Principles of Traditional Animation
12 basic principles of animation Reference Wikipedia.

Reference under: John Lasseter, “Principles of Traditional Animation Applied to 3D Computer Animation”

* Squash and Stretch Defining the rigidity and mass of an object by distorting its shape during an action.

* Timing and Motion Spacing actions to define the weight and size of objects and the personality of characters

* Anticipation
The preparation for an action
– The preparation for the action – this is anticipation
– The action
– The termination of the action

* Staging Presenting an idea so that it is unmistakably clear

* Follow Through and Overlapping Action The termination of an action and establishing its relationship to the next action

* Straight Ahead Action and Pose-to-Pose Action The two contrasting approaches to the creation of movement

* Slow In and Out The spacing of the in-between frames to achieve subtlety of timing and movement

* Arcs The visual path of action for natural movement

* Exaggeration Accentuating the essence of an idea via the design and the action

* Secondary Action The action of an object resulting from another action

* Appeal Creating a design or an action that the audience enjoys watching


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