Sketchbook, FP

07 May

I am then finally finished with my sketchbook. Something I’ve worked hard to get in order. At the beginning I thought a binder, but a book is easier to carry around. But if I draw on paper I could put them into the binder easily. In the book, I can tape the drawings stuck. I ended up with a book. It seemed like the perfect solution for me.

Having decided to use the book, I had to buy one. In Norway and other countries, it’s easy. Gran Canaria is not as easy. Ended up at a store an hour away, they were the only ones that had books with white sheets without lines. Turns out that bookstores is something they do not have to much of down here.

Finally purchased two sketchbooks, better than one, then I have an extra book next time I need it. I want this to be my book, with my mark. So I sat down and organized a great font that I like from a website with “text generator”. Now after a few hours of work, the book is finished.


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Posted by on May 7, 2013 in 3D Filmproduction


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