CADm6 Notes

05 Jun


File-drawing utilitis.

This makes sure you can delete all unnecessary objects in the history of the file, which is not in use. this will make the file smaller. An important setting in Autocad.
Also purge layers that are not in use.
You can also purge all. But then everything that is not in use be gone …
Select here the files you do not need, select them, use purge.

Drawing utilities
The drawing utilities have several settings, audit checks for any errors in your file, this is important before submission.

Recover file
Recover help with files that have been stuck in Autocad.

Drawing properties
Here you will be able to post some info about who created the files, or which project it belongs to.
Insert field, where you can enter information about the autor etc in the drawing.

Writers Block
Allows you to overwrite the original file. So you can modify the file.

Select some objects, right click press copy. Then turn right then applied again, select copy as block.

Renaming blocks is easy.
Comando rename, select blocks, select Blocken change and rename it at the bottom.


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