18 Nov

Compositions inside assemblages gave a little headache.

Was very happy with the train, good feeling of mastery.



The spout could become mad with less. but finally I found out. put the plane at an angle, put together triangle and linen so it was good.



So yes. took me a moment before I found out I was going to make array on the holes. After that it went super.



That screw was full, and that in the drawing was just split took me too little time 🙂


The composition made me crazy!
Has not gone according to plan this week.

Feel good with Monday so I can grasp on the new challenges 🙂

I spent a lot of time putting the pieces together. I understood the principle, but did constantly small errors. I forgot to use the whole measure. Something I had to fix. I also directed up all the mistakes of the previous submission. All holes are holes, not extrusion.
Here I have made new constrains that keeps coffee pot together right, now runs the lid up and bit left. This, I spent too much time on. Felt this went pretty smoothly.
Short version

This was a bit of fun. First I found out that I had put together all the parts on a non-viable manner. This meant that I got a lot of extra work. In addition, it was difficult to work my way to the goals I had not. So here I spent a lot of time. Animation This was fun. Here I felt that I did it. Made several presentations for the best picture. Drawings. This was the least fun of all. The piece list would not listen. Kept on going on the ceiling. But after a lot of but I found someone online with the same problem. So I got it fixed. But this was difficult.

I have spent a lot more time than I had planned. Well I did not have plans for the weekend, so I had work.

Struggled a bit on this this task.

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