Filmproducsjon – treatment – ideas

26 Dec

ideas for 1 houer

Ferry flying in children room

A plain going wild in the air.

Flower losing its leafs.

Monkey running around at a cercus.

A bee diving in the sea.

The lonely shoe, who felt so sad.

The evil tooth brush that came alive when no one were around.

The living phone that went evil.

The ant building a home.

The butterfly searching for colors.

Snake on the run from jail.

The life of electricity, they walk and changing phones. The world and carding shocks. Its really a world of secrets.

The gum factory.

The love virus spreading around town.

The troll of the mountain.

The tattoo who was alive.

If color wood change with your mod.

A dwarf making cupcakes.

The star who fell into the mountains.


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