Treatment By Kitty Toft

29 Dec




While looking at the wall Jack, 14, looks hard at the outlet. And he sees it again, it’s a spark. He gets closer. He can’t stop himself from stretching his hand closer. Before he knows it the spark fly’s out of the wall and stretches for his hand. It catches him and drags him towards the wall. Jack panics he starts to change, the room looking smaller when he gets dragged in to the outlet.

He looks at the strange walls while he fly’s true the tunnels, it looks like white walls with wire ground. The speed is so fast. It is no lamps, but its light, he can see everything. Before he knows it he’s in a big strange space, there so many strange creatures there, and they are all looking like they all are glowing.

Someone pokes him in the back, it’s a short strange looking girl that are glowing. She’s about his age. She explains that he now is a part of the Elizient, the city of the light, and that they are the helpers of the town. They bring the power to the outlet so that the people can get electricity. In return they have a worm town and a bright city.

He gets a bit afraid, but after some comforting she starts showing his around in the town. He will be the charger of the outlet outside. The girl lets him know that the longer you work, the more energy you can make. And outside there is not that much they use electricity for.

It don’t take him long to get the hold on how to make the electricity go true the socket and he likes his new world. He likes it so much that the time fly’s away and before he know it he’s been there for something that felt like years.

His getting better at the lighting up parts, but still has a long way for making the same amount of light as the one been there longer. But with some time he knows he will do it well. All he has to do is focus and practice.

While in his own mind the girl who took him in and shows him around that day comes to him so fast, she looks so panicked. He all most gets scared just by looking at her. She hurry’s up and tells him that she worked with the lighting in the house when she herd on the phone that there is coming so much rain, that the family is getting pumps outside to remove all the water in the yard.

They are putting the pumps all around the house to pump away the rain. She needs to get more of them there. She fly’s true the corridor to look for help. They need to get everyone here and that fast.

He sees the light of everyone coming to help. But it gets so bright. He’s having a hard time holding his eyes open. When he manages to open his eyes, it’s a doctor there, lighting him in the eyes.

He explains that there’s been an accident when he came to close to electricity in the garage of his father. But everything’s okay now and his parents will be there in a minute.


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