Treatment: And here we go agen :P

24 Jan

Treatment by Kitty Toft




Amanda, 14, looks hard at the outlet. It’s another spark. She gets closer whiteout being able to stop. Her hand stretches closer. A spark fly’s out from the wall and grabs her hand. It drags her into the socket. Amanda panics, she starts to change, the room looking smaller when she gets dragged in to the outlet.

She fly’s true a white light tunnel with such speed, all she notices is the wire on the ground and the lack of lamps, and it’s light. She stops when she comes to a strange city with creatures that are glowing all around her.

It’s a boy behind her. He’s about her age. He shows her the city Elizient, the city of the light, and that they are the helpers of the town. They bring the power to the outlet so that the people can get electricity. In return they have a worm town and a bright city.

He shows her the work station she will be working at, it’s the outdoor socket. She starts to work with the socket. The change of time can be seen in her new bright glow.

Without warning it gets all black. Her hand is hit with a spark from the outdoor socket. She tries to find the light switch, but can’t find any. She runs around. Panic takes her. It’s all dark.

She grabs around her chest protecting while she scream all she can she closes her eyes in panic.

She can hear someone saying her name and someone shaking her shoulders. She opens her eyes, the room is so bright, over her is the boy is there looking down at her with worry. She smiles, it’s all good now.


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