24 Jul

Although I read a lot about postproduction, it is so much left of information out there. I have the understanding that postproduction is everything from the movie finishes the raw footage until it is ready to be released. Postproduction is one great theme that contains many possibilities. You can make a movie in 3D and make it better with post-production, or you can make a movie with postproduction all alone. There are many opportunities here, whether it is lighting, change colors, add effecter, change the sound etc. I have a great interest in the text in the movie, whether it is the preface or introduction text. Perhaps there is text in the middle of the movie that divides the chapter or information. One example is “three years later”, to show that time has passed. You can also have text at the end of the movie. “The end” or to whom the film is made. In some cases, people write in a book, perhaps a diary or a fairytale. This I find incredibly fascinating. Prior to this assignment, I wanted to animate text, but have not found the time to do it. I was so sure I want to learn how to animate text, I am happy I found the time to learn it.

Handwriting tutorial


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