17 Nov


I started to gather information on the files I will use, and how to organize them. Then I made a Gantt form to show me the time it will take me to make this project. I am afraid that I use much more time than I plan to use. That is okay to, but I start to plan it like what I think I will use. I learn that I need to organize my files rely well and keep all my drawings and everything I need for this project on backup. I do use sky drive with 1 TB, that way it’s always backup of my work online in case of brake in ore fire. I never made anything like this short movie before, ore the type of cartoon style I’m planning for this project, so that will be really exiting to try. My character has real good personality. I need to make my own rig, something that has its challenges. I need to make sure I make a Rig with good possibilities for animation. I will use scan line render in 3D Max, which uses 1/20 of the time to other renders if possible. I love to use colors, so I will use allot of color, I think I’ll use mat colors.


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