Bird rig

29 Jan

I’ve been having so many problems with my bird wing rig. I really would like to make the wing, even know it’s really hard. The bones and the links just don’t do what I would like them to. They look strange and the mesh doesn’t follow like it’s supposed to.

One issue is that I have a sparrow wing; all tutorials are for big wings. And yes I know I should make it smaller and it should work. But that’s theory.

I heard I should rig it like an arm, but the feathers get so out of place when I add them after I made the arm rig.

Digital tutors have a really nice one. Tried it ones last week, but every time I keep having trouble following.

It started with not getting that I needed to hold alt and right click to use freeze transform. And from there it just kept on giving me a hard time.

I used position constraint and Orientation constrains, but I didn’t use the Align rotate on my helper. That made it turn and behave strange.

When I skinned the feathers they didn’t move like they are supposed to because I missed a bit on the skinning part.

When making extra controllers the movie left out a part on the controller bone, which made me use some time to figure out.

Now I am on video 16 of 29, don’t sound too much, but that feels good. But now I have a new problem with the new controller over the wing. When I rotate that the feathers should rotate to. I assign them to rotate in rotate properties. That didn’t work. So I’m working on that.


I know I was told this week its super hard to make a bird. Maybe I should make a bug, they are so much easier. And I did for a moment think I should do that. So I found some cool inspiration for a new character.

After some hours I felt so bad, I got my first super challenge and I was about to throw it away because it was too hard. When I get a job I can’t say I can’t do that, or at least not before I’ve tried my best. I really want to manage this. That would give me a great feeling of accomplishment.

So from been on my way to giving up I found the fighter in me and I’m still working, now even harder. I will find out how to rig a wing, and I will make the best tutorial when I learned it. So when I need to do it all over in 5 years I can look at that video and it will be easy hehe or easier.

I will at least give it my best.

Wish me good luck. For sure going to need it when trying to rig with the “BIG” boys 😉

2015-01-29_1210 2015-01-29_1602 2015-01-30_0151


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