Game ideas

24 Aug

We were told to show our game ideas for the class too day. I chose the four I liked the best.

Idea nr. 1

A young boy goes to school. At school the teacher gives him a reading assignment.
When he gets home he tells his mum that he doesn’t like reading the books.
Then his mum starts to read for him, it takes him into a magical journey.
They go true the book pages, and finds a forest so green and beautiful,
full of flowers and fruit. They go to the north pool to see penguins and polar bear.
True all the places they visit, they collect different post cards.
The post cards go into the magic book and makes it grow bigger.

Idea nr. 2

For so many years there have been a big problem for the walleye,
when the snow and rain have made the water streams too big. The flood threatens to brake all the houses.
Many people have tried to figure out how to save there homes. It’s now up to you to try and something new.
You will use the nature itself to make the water go away. By planting trees and flowers that can drink the water,
the stream will reduce. you can distribute the water by placing stones.
The stones will split the stream and make it go into two streams, that way you can steer it too different areas.


Idea nr. 3

Amanda loses her teddy bear on the train in the middle off New York.
When the train stops and the light goes off her bear comes to life.
The bears memories of signs and places he played with Amanda will give clues to how to find the way home.
A city for a small bear is not an easy place, there will be many Challenges,
like the rain, stray animals, people cleaning the street.


Idea nr. 4

The snake crawls around in the sewer trying to catch dinner.
When he catches a mouse he grows bigger and longer.
When the snake gets bigger, the food he can eat gets bigger to.
Rats and other animals is on the menu. The tunnels where he can go is all different sizes.
He now need to make sure he doesn’t get stuck somewhere.
Humans are there to. Better watch out!


Self reflection:

I like the snake game idea nr. 4 best, and that for many reasons.
It’s a simple idea, it’s an easy story. That way it’s easy for the people playing the game too understand the game.
They will recognise the similarity to other games,
and the way of nature. Eat or be eaten.


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