28 Aug

Game                                              Third person view


The more you eat, the stronger you get.

On the search for old artefacts, they find the famous grave of queen Cleopatra. Inside the grave they find her jewellery box full of many broken eggs and skeletons of old snakes, but underneath everything is one whole egg. It’s taken to an old museum inside the pyramids of Egypt. Inside the display its plenty of light to show it off.

One night after a few weeks on display the egg starts to hatch. The heat from the lamp have started a proses that makes the egg come to life. Out comes a snake so rare and beautiful.

It quickly gets down from the display and heads for the cracks in the wall. It doesn’t take him long to get inside the wall and hide.

When his deep inside he finds many hidden paths, all have different sizes and go in all kind of directions. It looks like a maze inside the pyramid.

It’s now time to explore the new territory. It doesn’t take long before he can see the people looking for him, and the sight of the flash lights lighting up inside the cracks makes him scared. His not the only one, in front of the light a mouse comes running fast. The snake launches after the small mouse and catches him. That meal makes him only want more.

Time to go looking for some food. He catches all from small to bigger mouse, he can feel that his growing longer and thicker with every meal.

He needs to find bigger path to crawl into before he manages to eat himself stuck. Longer ahead he can see there’s many different places he can go. When he closes up to a huge crack in the wall he can see something red glowing eye looking at him, he turns and runs away, when safe in a crack just his size he looks back, and at the entrance there is a huge rat with red yes looking at him. Good thing the rat was too big come after and catch him.

Some time goes by and the snake have become a big fully grown snake, the mice that he eats is now so small that can’t stop the hunger. He takes up the hunt after the big rat.

It doesn’t take long before he found the rat, but the rat starts running into the different paths, without thinking the rat finds himself in a narrow one way street. He has no were to go, the snake won’t let this opportunity go. He strikes after the rat and eats him in one bite. While swallowing the rat the snake feels the path getting smaller. He tries to turn around and get out of there, but the more he tries the more stuck he gets. It don´t take long before he can’t move all, he hisses and pusses on the wall to get free. All suddenly the roof over him starts to crack. The rocks crumbles down around him. He looks up to the stars over his head, he is finally free from the pyramid’s.


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