Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Game ideas

02 Sep

This game is way to slow for me, but I like the idea of the seasons of the year, and things changing true the time in the game.

Defender game.:
1. we place out cops that will hurt the “Robbers” when they try to rob the bank. (inspired by “7 Cities” and “Plant vr zombies”).

Side scrolling game.
1. There is so much trash falling down from the surface and into the sea. The sea is looking horrible. Shoot away all the trash and make room for the wild life to grow back.
2. A young girl wakes up at night. Ghosts have taken over the castle, and stolen her big brother. She will save him.
3. You’re a devil and love to destroy everything in your way. The more you brake the better it is. Turn the good angel’s evil and make them help you on your mission.

3D games
1. In a house there is a crime happen years ago. It’s your job to travel back and forward in time to solve what happened and to find clues.
2. Blow up all the terrorists, the hide all over. It’s our job to find them. And save everyone.
3. Inside the clouds there is a tons of stars, collect them and buy rainbow bridges to get away from the gray clouds and the rain.



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