Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Game design info

15 Sep

This is what we made from the last meeting. We did start to write some information about skills and tasks to.
We are a group of five people

  1. Bryan
  2. Espen
  3. Hans Kristian
  4. Putle
  5. Kitty

We are creating a 2.5D Side-scroller stealth game, where you control an alien that has crash landed on Earth. He must keep safe from the humans, and rebuild his ship, in order to head home.

It is the year 2025. Humans were able to create the most advanced communications beacon in recorded history. The beacon was powerful enough to send out a signal across the galaxy, a signal so strong that an alien scout ship was able to detect it. Your name is Bemul, a khre’Arrain (Recon Liaison) sent from Utreshan, a friendly planet approximately 1000 light years from Earth, as a reconnaissance unit to investigate this foreign signal. You are assigned to collect samples to learn more about the human species.  As you near the Earth’s atmosphere, you were hit by debris that tore your ship to pieces. You survived the crash, but you got yourself captured by the humans and locked up in Area 51. Now you embark on a mission to escape the humans by using stealth and avoiding violence as often as possible. Remember that you are alone on a foreign planet and have no idea what these humans are capable of doing. You need to find your torn ship and gather items you might need to survive planet Earth. Your goal is to find this beacon where you received the foreign signal, send out a message to your people and have them rescue you. Or repair the ship you crashed in and then make your escape off the planet.


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