Animatic – Sound effect

19 Sep

Sound effect

Today we have been learning about sound. I am really impressed by the fact that movies add so much of the sound after the movie is made. For sure I will listen for the sounds the next time I watch a movie.



Production audio focuses on recording dialogue, daily life sound they add later on (looping ADR)

  • Ambient = Background Sound
  • Library effects = Prerecorded sound effect
  • Foley = Footsteps, cloth, props

For my animatic I should make a list of all my sounds before I start making them

dident know they added that much sound in a movie

ailien sound horror water phone

Filter to add on your sound

high pass filter:

A high-pass filter

noise gate: Removes background noice



Common types include low-pass filters, which pass through frequencies below their cutoff frequencies, and progressively attenuates frequencies above the cutoff frequency. Low-pass filters are used in audio crossovers to remove high-frequency content from signals being sent to a low-frequency subwoofer system.


A high-pass filter does the opposite, passing high frequencies above the cutoff frequency, and progressively attenuating frequencies below the cutoff frequency. A high-pass filter can be used in an audio crossover to remove low-frequency content from a signal being sent to a tweeter.


A bandpass filter passes frequencies between its two cutoff frequencies, while attenuating those outside the range. A band-reject filter, attenuates frequencies between its two cutoff frequencies, while passing those outside the ‘reject’ range.


An all-pass filter passes all frequencies, but affects the phase of any given sinusoidal component, according to its frequency.


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