24 Sep

Time to make the template for my storyboard. It is really easy and fun to make. Because it is so easy I made a tutorial for everyone. That way you too can make your own template.


I did have some problems finding out how to make my sketches talk true my storyboard. I got help from my teacher Alexander, to see that I have to exaggerate my drawings. focusing on that I have to bring up the most important images. I was also informed that there was no clarity on where my character came from. So I decided to add drawing from the museum and a sign letting you know how the snake is found.

I felt even that I was missing a part. After conversations at home I found out we’ve seen the story too many times. Upon seeing it too many times does one become a little blind.

I asked why one of the other students in the class (Putle) to watch it. He gave me very good feedback. Turned out that the faces of my character did not made sense. The guard looked really angry, but he is just really surprised.


as well he told me the eggs look more like chicken eggs, not snake eggs. I did have snakes at home when I lived in Spain and know this, but I now see I should have done some more research on the snake.

I fixed these things and the storyboard now make much more sense. after I was done with all the drawings in the thought that in one game you are interested in playing more. Therefore, I put a maze background so people playing get nosy for what is next


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