26 Sep

I made the storyboard finished. Now I will make all the pictures from my storyboard into .pdf files and import them into my recording program.

I bought Filmora for this year so I can do the schoolwork I need and record my tutorials. So far I like it.

Now I need to write down a list of all the sounds I need.

Sound list

  • Background sound
    • Light happy
    • Scared and hard
  • Footsteps (from far away coming closer, light taps)
  • Eggshell cracking (snake egg don’t make cracking sound, but for the animatic we overdo it)
  • Happy sound from snake coming out of the egg?
  • Steps (heavy steps, coming closer)
  • Snake gasping for air? (scared from something coming)
  • Guard shout out in surprise
  • Running footprint coming closer
  • Beetle walking fast away into the hole. <Nails walking over the table>
  • Guard “ohhh oh” sound when he sees its empty
  • Guard sees the snake “ahhh”
  • Guard grabs after the snake <sound of a rocket moving?>
  • Snake hissing
  • Hand grabbing after snake <sound of a rocket moving?>
  • Guard yelling <noooooo>
  • Snake breath out relived
  • Expectation sound of something coming

Now I will make a sound clip with where I think the sounds should be. To see how long the scenes are.


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