Lesson 28.09.2016

28 Sep

We agreed with Alexander that we can take extra meetings with him in the afternoon and chat on Skype, for those of us who want it. I think it’s a good way to learning, give me a feeling of contact with the teacher. And it is easier to ask questions.

Today we went over the pastel colors we will use later.


The colors of the paper should not be completely white. Better with paper that has a little more tone, more gold ocar color. Closer the color of the first pastel stick Alexander is holding in the picture. If you do not have the exactly color it don’t matter, the important thing is that we know how to draw the shades and shapes.

Everyone has his own drawing style, it is important that we do not copy, but try to find our own style. This comes with lots of practice.

It’s exciting to practice on the different ways to draw. If you draw with lines, shadows, charcoal or pencils. All provide their own style. With coal it is a bit messy. same with chalk, but are very nice pictures of it.



This documentary is recommended:

Simon Schama’s Power of Art – Caravaggio The Death of Marat


For the assignment I like this tutorial

Made this template for my textures. If I use it, we will see….





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