Animatic update

29 Sep

Ok, so I am working on the sound, this is so far away from my skills. That means it is good to have some practice

For the whistling sound I found a bird singing and used that. Sounds so cool.

Footprints and eggshell I found at I used speed on the footprint to make him run. Changed the volume to make him sound closer and for changing the attitude of the guard.



I am missing some sounds:


Can add:

  • The guard keys when his moving
  • Snake comes out from egg ( happy hmm sound?)
  • Snake goes down the display?



So I figures out I can make sounds with voice recorder on the computer, take them inside Fillmora and pitch the sound down. That way it sounds more like the guard. Have been working so much on making the sounds of the breathing and the voices. Took my 11-year-old Mina and we made so many sounds together. She really did work hard. We only used some of them, but it was a great learning curve. And she didn’t have any issue yelling or over acting her part. Something that is really cool, the sounds are much more real than.

So fun to take the schoolwork into the family life.

Found the background sound on youtube.


I think the skills I have in sound is getting a really good effect compared to my skill level. And, I think it is a funny ending on the animatic.


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