Animatic 02 Emotion

10 Oct

Animatic 2 – Written statement

I wanted to make something that was a little outside my comfort. Started to look for music that was romantic or happy, but this music is so safe. So I thought I’d try myself on something a little more uncertain. I looked at music that was creepy or just weird. I ended up finding music that makes you a little crazy.

After I had chosen music, I had to create video with color. I started with making pictures in Photoshop that I could use. After some thought I was thinking that I could just model what I want. So I went into 3D Max and modeled what I wanted. Afterwards I animated the models and rendered the result into a movie.


3D Max scene

I wanted the feeling crazy to appear clear. I therefore decided to use the colors yellow, red and orange as colors, those are some strong and clear colors, by getting the spiral and move one becomes a little ripped into play. I wanted to keep the focus to the audience, so I had a shape that moved in the middle of the spiral, the change from diamond to triangle and on to the circle. By that I had a shape in the middle of the movie, that will hold your eyes are at the shape.


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