Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Alien

14 Oct

Waldemar Brøgger – Alene I universet (alone in the universe)


Life must be regarded as a weird occurrence in the universe, even in our galaxy.
Our closest neighbor is Andromada galaxy, this contains 300 billion stars. Drawback is that it is a very lane distances away. If we want to travel there it will take 2.2 million light-years to Andromada galaxy, the same to returns. Together they will spend at least 4.4 million light years.

Soren Kierkegaard
He questions everything and think it will not go well anyway. Example: if you have a love you much love and so much passion, but if you’re married or in a long steady relationship will get stability and children, he thinks you can not have both. He fell in love with a girl, but called off the engagement because he thought he could not have that feeling and be with her.

Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations
critical thinking: and to ask the right questions.
He has given so much for the 20 sentry thinking

Here it is difficult as it were to keep our heads up, — to see that we must stick to
the subjects of our everyday thinking, and not go astray and imagine that we have
to describe extreme subtleties, which in turn we are after all quite unable to
describe with the means at our disposal. We feel as if we had to repair a torn
spider’s web with our fingers.

An introduction to philosophical analysis – John Hospers

A Beautiful Alien

Aliens or Americans?

Damms big book about the universe –
Information about our universe.

Is there anyone else out there?
A hunt for life on other planets.

UFO’s and Aliens (Unexplained)


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