Left hand exercises

17 Oct

I thought it was a little scary to draw with my left hand. But when I started it was very exciting, left hand had a completely different movement than the right hand tends to have, from some fine bows to very rough draft. I liked how it changed my draw style. worked some to find a motive.

Drawing from your head what you want. All drawing materials you want is allowed, draw large.

Drawing 01

We started with being silent and drawing 20 minutes on the left side of paper, with your left hand. afterwards we switched to the right side of the paper with the right hand for 20 minutes.

I started drawing with charcoal, and it was pretty cool, but I did not use so much time on the drawings so decided to switch to fine line pen

How do you feel about the drawings on the sheet?
I feel that this was an exciting way to draw. It brought out a completely separate drawing technique which I do not usually use. I am more satisfied with your left hand. When I started drawing right, I tried to copy drawing technique that I used on the left, which I should have let my left hand to take care of.

Explain the lines
The lines were a bit rough and wild. Some uncontrolled but they made a separate style at the sheet. I did not have the same focus over the details. Dimensions of the left hand was more correctly, perhaps I had less focus on perfection.

Why do you think you made these drawings?
I think the meaning of these drawings is to open up to draw different. Learning that the lines do not have to be exactly right on the sheet. The head change after starting the process. Hvordan tror du andre oppfatter tegningen?

What is others perception of your drawing?
I think others want a little rough perception of the drawing, they will probably recommend me continue with my left hand. In terms of image, there is a decent picture, not the best but not the worst.

How do you feel now?
A mixture of happy and frustrated. I can draw better than this with my right hand, but when I see the left side wants to drawing more with your left. I have to find the pictures in my head before I draw the ones on the the sheet. I am delighted that we still have more time left to learn to draw. And are very excited about what I will manage over the next few weeks. And I continue to drawing every day, what will I be able within the next year?


Drawing 02

Than we did the same again with music. 20 min left and 20 min right.

How do you feel? I feel very good and creative. Motives could look better, but this is what I learn to draw better from

What did you do? I drew birds with either hand. Left hand got the rough lines that I’ve wanted to learn how to draw. Dropping focus on the details.

Why did you do it that way? I followed the music and how the movements were. I managed to hold the coal in a different way so I managed to make some longer lines

What will others think? The picture looks like very different drawing style, even if it is the same type of material and the same person who draw both




Drawing 03

15 minutes, draw with left hand on left side. 15 minutes right hand on right side with the music in the link

How do you feel? I feel good, it feels like I get better with every drawing. Makes me think that drawing is something that should be done often to learn more. I know this in theory, but now I can see it in practice.

What did you do? I drew after my how I felt, I made the charcoal go on the paper without thinking too much.

Why did you do it that way? I made the two eyes, to see how they would show the difference in my drawings. One was rough and hard, the other soft with passion.

What will others think? Others will see that you can draw with bout hands, and with each hand you have your own style.






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