Line art

18 Oct

We shall draw a picture with the draw funds we have available, then answer questions.

How shall the audience feel?
I want the audience to see new details when they see the image multiple times. I want the audience interested and a little confused.

Which lines do you want to use?
I want to use pencil at the shape, so highlight it using thin pen tool (0.3). I want to add depth from different angles with different shadows at the the same image. I would use chalk colors and a blender to add color.

How will you represent your shape?
I want to make it a bit messy and random

How do you feel about it?
Excited and a little crazy, exciting to see how the lines are on the sheet.


How do I feel now?
The colors of the lines have a lot of the impression I wanted to give. A sense of clutter and Disorganization. Lot of detail. Feel I got to the task very well.


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