Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Meeting 18.10.2016

18 Oct

The meeting began with what we had done since the last meeting, we had some links to share but it is clear that we are missing a lot here. We are a bit stuck and need one new lines of thought.

Finding information belonging to the theme aliens or our idea may be a good idea. If we choose a different twist or specify the question more it might be easier.

Write down words that can provide new ideas and questions:
Travel, aliens, ninja, Japan, languages, Japanese, traditions, morals, weapons, martial arts, ceremonies, series The 100.

question ideas:

How to survive?
How to travel without technology?
How to learn new information?
Adapting to new surroundings?
How to interact with others?

Thought: If aliens coming to Earth, how they understand us? (Universal translator)

Game ideas: The long dark gamplay (survival game)


Task before Friday night 24:00:

Write down 10 new questions we can use instead of(Together with) <What is an alien?>
write them down in our research document.

Planning meeting Monday night 21:00 to choose which way to go further.


“What is the Fermi paradox?”

Why Haven’t We Found Alien Life? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios


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