Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Requirements or conditions for life to arise and survive

27 Oct

Some people think that god made life at earth, without him the earth would not exist. This many scientists disagree with.
Earth does not stand still. It spins fastest around its own axis while it moves around the sun. This movement creates night, day and seasons.
Earth’s atmosphere is vital for sustaining life on earth, it gives us oxygen we breathe in and hold on weather.
current atmosphere consisting of 76% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 3% others


Soil is a thin fertile layer where plants grow.

The book Jord (Earth) by Andrienne Soutter-Perrot says that
“The wind blows seeds from plants on the earth, the seeds germinate in soil and a new plant begins to grow.”

I know that seeds can be spread by animals and that they can get help from people. but wonder if there are several ways.

But I am sure that seed can be spread in other ways …..
According to the book SEEDS OF MICHIGAN WEEDS there are many ways seeds can spread.


One of the countries who are very worried about unwanted animals and plants is Australia.


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