This week’s challenge

30 Oct

We have a new challenge. We shall draw until Monday. We can use all techniques we will, all colors and drawing materials we want. Here there are no boundaries, only possibilities.

One of the things I need to work on is to draw quick sketches that looks like what I want to draw. My goal for the week is to learn quick sketches better and at the end of the week.

Day 01. I decided to prepare my days. Today I have drawn something visually from my window, and a little imagination. Neighbor great house with a lovely swimming pool was a decent start. After that it was feeding the fine birds out. I love drawing birds. Otherwise, I drew some imaginative eyes. One of the best things I drew was my kid while she was drawing. That was fun.

Day 02. Travel out of the house, we have a lot of great nature in Eidsvoll I know we have a farm nearby. Drawn some of the animals there were cows and some sheep. Here I practiced drawing quick sketches. This was great fun, but hard to get them to stand still. Did someone dear who flew with cows, draw they also like quick sketches. Got a drawing of the farm as well, this I spent some time, but was only in sketch my book. Here I practiced a little on realistic professions and goals. Found one great tree, here I cut out a hole in a sheet that I used as a framework for what I was going to draw, it was pretty cool.

After a long day, out, I went to a cafe to draw people, this proved to be a bit scary. I was a little fearful of offending those who were at the cafe. Then there were some sketches of things on the table, food and drink. Drew a chair in the room and an imaginative pig and dog. Used very little color, only colors I used were colors on the Tree, here I tried to add color with some shadows. It made the shape became rounder.

One of the things I most noticed today is that I see the forms and ways to draw everything around me. I see a cow, I see several forms put together, not just a cow. I draw now all the time in my head, and I have a lot of fun with it.

Day 03. Were at the cafe again today, but this time I did not traveled alone. Was very lucky that my husband would be joining.

I drew a lady who was outside, she had great woolen sweater, scarf and hat. Liked to draw her, liked the pattern and colors. Besides that, there were two children and a man with his phone. I draw the shape of the people first, and afterwards the details difficult to draw someone who is not sitting still, but there is something special when they do not know they are drawn. In the evening, I drew some nice candles and my gorgeous feet in pink. Exciting drawing with colors.

Day 4. Today I drew a picture with soft pastel at the paper quality and filmed it. You can then see how I blender colors of background before I draw grass detail on top. Used beautiful fall colors and imagination to create the image.

My goal for the week is achieved, I draw a sketch much easier now than before, I have a lot more to learn, but this is the first step.


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