Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) –Tamperature

02 Nov


3 basic ingredients for making Earth habitable is liquid, atoms and energy.

Click to access hab_ref_table.pdf

We need the:

  • Temperature, to cold and we freeze, too worm and we burn/dry out.
  • Water, all life forms need water to survive.
  • Atmosphere to keep us worm and protect us from radiation.
  • Energy gives a steady input of light or chemical reaction that is necessary for life.
  • Nutrients for building and maintaining the body.

But some animals don’t need light, some animals live at the bottom of the sea, deeper than we can go. Outside Japan (Marianas trench) the sea is 10.9 km deep, there is life down there.

In mars 2012 James Cameron went down on the bottom of Marianas trench for 3 hours, he found jellyfish with camouflage. Do that mean there is bigger life down there?

How can they live down in those conditions? They don’t have light and the pressure is so hard.

Not all life needs oxygen to survive

Anaerobic bacteria is a single-celled organisms that don’t need oxygen to survive, oxygen will kill them.


What do you need to make a planet habitable? The conditions for supporting life?

  • Comfortable distance away from a star similar to our sun

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