PBL – Week 01, Lecture 01 notes

05 Nov

Week 01, Lecture 01

4 Weeks
60% Term paper
20% Online Test
20% Reflective Journal

Reflective journal = information about the proses
Find information outside google and Wikipedia.

Skills module 01
• Study skills for university
• Logical problem analyses and exploration
• Reasoning skills
• Problem decomposition and abstraction
• Project and tie management
• Creative thinking
Skills module 02 “research and reporting”
• Research techniques
• Reflection skills
• Report writing and presentation skills
• Obtaining and critically evaluating sources of information
• Referencing standard, tool and techniques
Skills module 03 “Reflective practice”
• The proses of reflection and its application
• Active learning processes and participation
• Problem-based learning tasks
• Self-reflection

• Notes improves information with 29%
• Provides outline of key points
• Clarify areas not in the textbook
• Independent learning

Activity sheets
Additional reading

VAK learning style
Activity sheet 01

Test = secret 😉

Additional reading 01
No need to read all techniques:
• Skimming: look over text quickly, key words, topics, headings, tables, illustrations. Always skim through text first
• Scanning and surveying: Look quickly through text, place of information
• Surveying: Look through text, gather overview.
Active reading
• Be clear about why you read or what you look for
• Link information you read to things you know
• Questioning as you go
• Think critical, is this information real and good?
Techniques for active reading
• Engage with material. Under light and highlight
• Notes in the margin
• Read critical
o Who wrote it?
o When?
o Why?
• Read text, put away book for 30 min. G back and fill in the gaps.
• Look for signposts, phrases like
o Most important
o In contrast
o On the other hand
• Record, notes and listen when free time
Reading for understanding
SQ3R technique=
S Survey – (skim) quick question overall impression
Question – Who? What? Where? When? How?
Read – read text focused and quick
Recall -Test your memory by question your text inside your head
Review – Read text over in detail, take notes

2) Read article and use SQ3R
Who – Dubbed Crypt locker
What – Randsmewere
Where – Germany, Russian, Mexico, South America
When – 2013
How – Infect computers, mail, hardware, websites.
3) Reference to your work.


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