PBL Week 01, Lecture 02

05 Nov

PBL Week 01, Lecture 02


Web log:

Traditional web sites, look at other blogs to learn TedEd, Lifehacker, Harvard collage.

Don’t believe everything.


C currency

A Accuracy

C Coverage

A Authority

O Objectivity


Reflective journal

  • Is a written record of what you do in your studies.
  • You will be assessed by your journal.
  • Maintain through the studies
  • Make a new school blog??? Mine is only school work.
  • Link my blog to school blog, must be accessible for students and staffAssessment
      • 20% – Reflective Journal
      • 60% – Assignment
      • 20% – Online Test

Critical reflection progress.

  • Tutorials, write about it
  • Don’t copy, record sheets
  • Write your experience
  • Strategies, tool, techniques
  • Reflect to anything, but make sure it relates to your courseInteractionWrite and reflect on other people’s blog.  Make sure you tag the blog to the right course.Write down everything that’s importantGuidanceMore than simple reflection is good.Do critical reflection is good.  Plan       Schedule map, organize, planCheck   Did it work? How well did it work?
  • Modules of reflective practice.
  • Act         Revise, adjust, react, learn, reflect and repeat for continuous improvement
  • Do          Develop, implement, apply
  • PDCA    cycle
  • Continuos improvement
  • What went wrong, how to improve.
  • Not too much, but just enough.
  • Tag courses code and title, be professional.
  • Write down your ideas in your journal
  • Relevance
  • Give constructive but polite comments on other people’s blog.
  • Reflect on other student’s blog, write how you do group work, teamwork and problems.
  • Write right away
  • What did I do? What happen
  • So, what? What does that mean
  • Now what? What needs to happen next

Gibbs reflective cycle

Description:       What happened?

Feelings:             What were you thinking and feeling?

Evaluation:         What was good and bad about the experience?

Analysis:              What else can you make of the situation?

Conclusion:        What else could you have done?

Action plan:       If it rose again what would you do?


The 5 Whys:      Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Work through activity sheet 03.

Journal assessment

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