Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Start making a game notes

11 Nov

Next meeting (my notes for what I have on my mind)

  • Scheduling our time?
  • Game file StudioGame? – That is a good name for now
  • Ask Espen if he uses (CamelCasing) – He do! That is good
  • Important that we name things right 3D Max
  • Real scale models
  • Texture size
  • Upload naming right into Unity
  • Essay


  1. We start by installing GitHub, after that I need to learn how to import my unity file into Github.
  2. How to commit Unity project to GitHub
  3. When I followed this tutorial, I learned that when we create a Github repository, we shall enter unity when creating a file. Then we will escape all default files from unity every time we update the files.
  4. I made a new project inside Github, now I need to figure out where I save my unity files. Do I save them inside Unity or inside Github folder?
    1. Inside Github folder is good. That way I can update all automatically in seconds by pressing upload new files.
  5. Setting up GitHub and Unity
  6. This showed the same as the youtube tutorial. Now I made the file and it looks good so far.
  7. I have had some trouble in the past with naming files with the same name. So, when the project name is XENOphobic, I think we should name the game files something else (this don’t have anything to do with the game name in the end, this is only the folder names so the code will be right) but for the game folders and files. This Name can’t be changed easily later. What do I call it? StudioGame? Studio2?
    1. StudioGame is good name for the game files
  8. I had some problem uploading my files, Espen helped me out and turned out I need to close Unity to upload my files. Thank you for your time Espen.

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