Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Unity start notes

23 Nov

Thank you CasanisPlays for these fantastic tutorials!

Making side scrolling game (CamelCasing)


My notes

Log Wednesday 16 November

01 – Making Your First Game: Unity 3D Zombie Shooter Platformer

06:30 02 – Making Your First Game: Unity 3D Zombie Shooter Platformer



How to import files into unity

Here I learned that it is important and think about what files you use. If you are using 3D Max or Maya files have the person who test the game need to have these programs installed.

This can easily be avoided by using .FBX file or .Obj so you don’t need 3d max or maya installed.

Time 17:00 to import collision

Size of collider is important



Needs Rigidbody to move, freeze rotation. and z position?

Add capsule collider

Root nood can make trouble

Character animation 03:00

Character collide 10:00


Character animation

Inside animation, right click – create – animation controller – name PlayerAC

Drag this inside character controller top right

Animation top left window, add animations

Jump controller Unity


Prefabs is the folder for things we use more than one time

Drag from main window and into prefab the final work


Character tips:

Import character with all animation in the same file.



Rendering mode

Opaque – can’t see true

Cutout – Alfa decide if it’s there, no gradient.


I chose the wrong time of the animation, this meant that the character run instead of standing still. I spent some time to see that it was the animation and not the code that was the problem. I found out how I solved this yourself by testing all possibilities.


Struggling with the animation sliding on the ground. One of the others who followed the tutorial said :

S****e L****nFor 7 mnd siden

Hi there excellent tutorials thanks a lot I’m really enjoying them great fun my issue : when the character lands he slides for a while before running and I’ve tried changing the blend tree values and went over all the character setup animations again , went over all the transition settings and values to make sure I never went wrong somewhere along the line and all seems fine but still this issue persists so i ignored the issue until episode 25 but now i think it needs attending to any help would be greatly appreciated as its driving me nuts lol

Change the speed to 10 and short the animation time from PlayerLand to minimum. Then it became very good.


Struggled with character sneaking too fast, had to take away a piece of code that overwrote “if else”. Now it works perfectly

if(Sneaking>0 && Grounded)


    //Debug.Log(“WalkSpeed ” + WalkSpeed);

    MyRB.velocity = new Vector3(Move * WalkSpeed, MyRB.velocity.y, 0);

    //Debug.Log(“velocity ” + MyRB.velocity);




    MyRB.velocity = new Vector3(Move * RunSpeed, MyRB.velocity.y, 0);


// MyRB.velocity = new Vector3(Move * RunSpeed, MyRB.velocity.y, 0); //  I think we can change “0” to be able to move in the last axis. Change to what?

// this overwrote “if else” over! From 22:00 he talks about the last axis should be 0 so we can’t move that way. So if we change it to something else maybe we can move that axis with a limit?


2D Gameplay books



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