Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) I got a New job!

06 Jan

I was called up by the company today, and I got a job offer that I am really satisfied with. My job will be working creating a sign of environment and building with 3D Max, because of licensing, and other software’s I need to work with version 2011. This is the Max version that I started with on 3D design my first year on Noroff. I will be changing an existing model, and making new were needed. I will texture and light the scenes before I export them into another software. I will work with AutoCad files, to see that the 3D model built up correctly.

I had some worries about the job, one of my worries is that I can travel to work every day. That will take too much time, with my studies on the side. The company offered me home office, so this would not be a problem. We agreed that I would work 10 hours a week minimum, this means that I might have to work in the weekends. For the most I am trying to get two hours of work evening, after my princes has gone to bed.

That means that my job will be a big job, with a lot of challenges. I am so lucky that I got this opportunity. I am super excited to get started.



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