Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Alien model

12 Jan

Today I made the alien model in 3D Max. I started placing Putles drawings from the front and side.

alien_front2 alien_sidenoarm alien_front


at first I did the modeling very high poly, but when I saw all the polygons I made only on the head,
I decided that this would draw too much from the game engine. Therefore, I chose to create a very low poly model.


Had some challenges with glasses and how they were created, Blueprints were slightly different on the head in front and from the side. Did some improvising, felt the result was very good. I meant the model should avoid having a tail. I believe that the character will be harder t animate with the tail. I know that CAT rig tail inside, I think without doubt we can do it, the question I ask is whether it will take too much time to make it look good. Did have one project in game design where I made a rig that was without standard measurement, made so much extra work. Beside that we now will need to make an extra rig for the humans.

I, Putle and Bryan had meeting tonight about the model. The group wants the tail, so I hope we manage to get it quite naturally. We agreed that Putle will texture the model and Bryan will skin, rig and animate it. This is a good distribution of the work, where everyone gets to practice their specialization.

At the next meeting with the whole group we need to get some more clarity when we shall meet, and what to do when.


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