Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) Game idea

13 Jan

This game was not chosen for this assignment.

We are going to design a board game idea based on global warming.
This is my idea!

Squnami, a global warming board game.


This is a family game; the family can add elements in the game to make the game harder to play based on the player’s skills. This will make the game fun and challenging.


A squirrel on the ground is looking for food. When looking up he can see a huge tsunami coming, the tree behind him is short, help him by grove the tree up to your tree and save the squirrel from drowning.


Use cards with branches to make the tree grow, you can only play one card at the time before it’s the next players turn. You need to make sure the branches go together or that you have a special branch that can go over other branches. All player chose their own color tree in the top of the game. The player who gets the squirrel to safety on their own tree wins the game.

If you want more challenge in the game you can make the water rise on the branch, each turn it comes one step closer. If the water reach the squirrel he drowns and you all loose.

If you manage to build the branch to your tree you save the squirrel and win the game.

The game makes the players able to think ahead, plan where it is smart to make the branch, see the best way to go and save the squirrel.







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