Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) Board game project

18 Jan

Today we startetd to make the game idea.

I, Hans and Putle came in the same group. We will create a board game based on Hans’s games idea.
The idea is to reach the helicopter at the top of the game board, before the water drowns you.
The game theme will be global warming.

The game is about getting to get to the helicopter on top.
To get there you need to have enough fuel to make it fly.
The moment the helicopter has enough fuel to fly, it will take off to a safer place.
Everyone not at onboard will be left behind.

You collect the fuel by getting true different challenges on your way.

We’re still a part of the game and game mechanics.
We have collected all the information inside a google document.

We have found inspiration in the game Sewer rat, and Carcassonne, both have random board. Monopoly draw Cards.



cardsmonopoly-the-craftables uten-navn


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