Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) Planning the board game

19 Jan

We had a long meeting today, to find out how to play the game. We’ve started writing a document with Schell’s Elemental Tetrad. I stream when we play the game over my webcamra. I’ve set up webcamra across my desk, it makes it much easier to play together. I uses the same approach as when I record my drawings.


We’ve tried to play test with two players and we’ve seen the board didnt work. We have several things we saw had to be changed.

• There were too many crossroads, since all events have crossroads and I had made 10 separate, it became too much. So we must have either more other rodes or fewer crossroads.
• Do we have the same number of pieces on fewer players?
• We should have something that allows you to play faster
• Why and how does the water arrive

My tasks for the next meeting:
• Writing about games desig in document
• Find and print 3D game pieces
• Color the different colors
• Find and priinte out game coins
• Printe out sheet of cards and cutting the correct size



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