Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) – Meeting with Amit

24 Jan

We did have a meeting with Amit today about our game. Putle tok notes about what we need t work on.


Can two persons win the game? Four fuel-coins needed

Every second turn the player can buy offensive/defensive cards

Events = very important

Events can be moved past without attempting to finish it

Need to create Rulebook

Helicopter is only called after the completion of three events, gives off one gasoline-token if completed.

Need to specify how the start-phase (placing of the start-cards) is to be done by the players.

Amit’s concern: Price for the events increases (players want to spend resource on events). Resources should come faster in the end, as waiting five turns to get resources to pay for the access to an event might be boring/uninteresting to the player.

How do we present it? Should have some way to keep track of game-progress, counters for which events has been completed or not, etc.

Do we want to force the player to do certain stuff/actions in game?

No cost for events?

Bank-card, which grants an income boost each if the player-piece stands on it.

Our core gameplay-loop:

Players should have opportunities in the game! Target group, where the player has opportunities that creates interesting gameplay

Which feeling should the player experience (happy, smart, scared)

Positive/negative feedback loops –

The player should at least have a feeling of control, risk and reward.

Some trading cards mechanism?

One paid and one free version, free versions come without player-pieces and tokens?

Steal event cards?

Instead of moving for a round, the player might stand still and search for resources. Find between 1 and 2 resources, determined by a D6 roll maybe. This can be done on any ordinary road card, excepting events and helicopter-bases.

Playing the game should let the player be nervous about the water, in detail: how the water is an effect of the player’s actions in the game world.

After an event has been completed, flip its card 45degrees clockwise, so that its corners overlap its connecting road cards.

Character card, with spaces for fuel-tokens, resources, offensive/defensive cards – keeps things cleaner.



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