Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) Presentation preparasjon

27 Jan

Today I, Putle, Hans and Bryan meet regarding presentation. We have together put up a Power Point document with the information we will share on Thursday. Very pleasant to work together on the same document. It enables us to inform over Skype what we think and what is important to include. I feel that we are good at working together and distribute the tasks well. I feel I and Putle might talk lauder then the rest. Not because we decide more than the others, but we are taking some control and manages what must be done. We let you know when we have opinions and make sure that deadlines are kept, but I feel the group is working well together and share the amount of work equally.

After the meeting I started to create the document to the “Starting Portfolio”. By setting up the document well, we can go all together and fill in all the information along the way. It will save us a lot of work at the end. We will also remember things along because we write it down.

I feel that way to prepare submissions, will make everyone in the group participate on the same tasks. This will mean that the workload is distributed in a good way


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