Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Presentation

30 Jan

Then I’m finished watching all the other students projects. There were many exciting and wonderful projects. Some projects I wish I had chosen for myself. Learning to draw, or to learn a program properly, like Photoshop or substain painter. The disadvantages of having such a project alone is that I lose the experience of working with others. I did not know about the program substain painter before Putle in my group showed me in the start of the year. So if I had not been in a group, I would not be learning from the others in my group. And I did get Unity engene for my skill. And that is really cool to.

One of the things I saw that many could be improved on is that during the presentation often say “ehh” before starting or when completing a sentence. I did it myself before I started posting tutorials on youtube, but when I heard it was something I said a lot, I had to go into myself to find another way to do it. Slowly but surely I have reduced “ehh” to a minimum. I think it makes you better able to connect with the audience.

After seeing myself present together with my group, I felt it tickle in my stomach. Strange to myself like that, when I put out movies on youtube, I can record it several times if I did not like it. That do not work on a presentation live. Felt I did well, I struggled a bit with some of the words. So I need to practice a little more next time. But I’m very pleased with how we emerged.

We have much to work with as a group presentation. We should see more of the project slides, less text and little more empathize is always good for the audience.


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