Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) – Playtesting

01 Feb

This week we have play tested many hours. We meet are many things that can be challenging, Game pieces, play time, amount of defensive /offensive card. Whenever we do find a challenge like this we fix it right away. We do use a lot of time on this, but it is really important for making a good game that we find these things early in the process. I didn’t know how much it meant to test the game properly, but now I see that if I don’t do that the game want work in the end.

I see that I’m starting to enjoy playing the game. Yesterday we played until 23:00, without breaks skype told us we played for 9 hours total on Monday and Tuesday. Time passed by so fast. And that must be a good thing.

I think we’ve sometimes work a little slow while trying to find out what can pay off, or make the game a better experience, we changed the idea where it needed change and made it a better game along the way.

On the game was a bit difficult with the pieces at the start, they were of normal printer paper, it was too thin. The paper bent and curled up. I solved this by finding some thick drawing paper and draw the pieces on this. It did somewhat better, but still not completely well.

To shuffle is a bit difficult it seems, I have normal paper on offensive and defensive cards. and they are even more difficult. I am thinking maybe I can use laminate on the card. But then I need to get some laminate plastic. But that might be an idea. Not sure how that worse for other people who want to print out the game if we make the game printable.

Putle recoded us playing. One of the things we see that the game can take a lot of time when we discuss new possible changes so often, time has reduced a lot the last rounds, so we are going in the right direction.

I wonder if for recording the movies where we will record faster when one person plays all the pieces. Another thing is recording light, what time of day we record because of the light.

It quickly becomes so dark at night and the shadow comes across the board. Has purchased a very good work light, but light on it makes it look like waves on the screen. Putle thought it was because the light is not constant, but flashes faster than I can see it. If I travel out one day and come across small spotter with tape on the back, I’ll try to buy that. But for now, I have decided that I can try to make it in the daylight. But we will anyway deliver one of those we made together.

We are a good team, we all work hard, and use many hours to work. That makes this experience much better.


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