Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Meeting 02.02.2017

03 Feb

We had a group meeting today. I feel that we are doing a really good job as a group, but that we need a little bit more structure to manage to complete our goal.  I did take a little bit more control today. I asked everyone what they are working on in the moment, and how long time they expect to work on this task. I think this will give us a more clear picture of what we do and the time we use on that task. I think we should work out a plan for the time we have left of the project.

With a good plan, we will see what we have to do and time used on this. I think that if we made that plan for everyone for the time we have lest we can structure the time better

I am not sure about me taking the control is a good thing, but I guess I will find that out by next meeting. If everyone manages to control the time we use on the project, and organizing will make us complete the work we have, and that way we can see how much time we have left on our project and what we have time to do. if so, it is a good thing, if that do not happen we need to work out another plan for the time schedule .

Espen – Is working on the game rail. He will be working on this for the next two weeks.
Kitty –  will be working on making the scientist model, this will take one week
Bryan – will see if it’s possible to scale the size of the rig inside unity. He will also rig the alien mode.
Hans – Is working on making the floors and walls. The floors will have checker texture to show the rails.
Putle – will be working on textures on the alien character.

We didn’t know what to have on the floor, Putle came up with checker texture. I think that as a great idea, This will show that you can move in and out of the rails in an easier way.

I am not sure about having it black and white, because the contrast can be a bit had, but if the colors don’t work together it is easy to use grayscale instead. But before I can see it in the game it is hard to decide if that is working.

I would like us to make as much as possible of what the game have from scratch. I want the game to be ours from start to end. When we do things that way I believe it is easier to learn the steps and get the experience we need.

By having our own skillset that we want to learn more from, it will make us better at that particular skill.


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