Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) 3D print Game box

04 Feb

Today I made a box in 3D max to have the game inside at home. I was not sure of i should have separate rooms for the game pieces, but I decided I did not need to use time on the box. A simple box will keep all items in one place so I don’t lose anything, and it makes it easier to take with me to play it other places than home. I made it blue because I think the theme Global Warming and water game will give a good match.


After I made it in max I turned on my 3D printer (3DM) and started printing it out. I knew right away that I want a diamond knob on the top of the lid to open and close. This will make the box elegant and good decoration.

I was a bit disappointed in the filament, seems like the blue see true filament is difficult to separate the object from the bedding. It looks rough and I was wondering how to take it of nicely. I thought that using a knife would be the best / only way.

The result was okay, but I used a file on the left plastic, but I wonder if the filament that is a bit see true behaves different than the one with clear color or if it is the type of filament. Ordered one from china that was silver, and this one behaves much better. I believe that it is the type of filament, if that is the case I won’t order much of the original, the one from china was 24 dollar for one kilo, the one original cost 22 dollar for 250 gram. So quality and price into consideration I think I will try to order a see true color from china and see how that behaves.

Now my lid is gray matt blue because of the file, it has a rough surface and right now it needs some love. I think I can use some normal nail polish, but that will smell horrible and it will still look rough. I can use sparkle and paint it, but then it will lose the color. The last option is using gel polish, that will help fix the surface and if I add a top coat over some glitter gel I think it can look like it is supposed to look like that. And with the diamond it will match.box2

I decided that I would try the polish and it went well. But I see that if if I would do this agen i would do some things different. I would make the box walls 3 or 4mm thick, now they are 2 and I think they are a bit thin. With 1 or 2 mm more it would feel more stable. I wish I used the silver color I have, I think the print would look much better, and be easier to take apart from the bedding. I would have made the lid with the same gel color and top coat, That made a really good surface. Maybe that could be the new way to make game boxes? It looks more elegant than the normal game. And the size is small and elegant L-6cm,W-9cm,H-6cm without the diamond, with diamond the height is 9 cm.

I have been thinking what we should use if we make a prototype. Maybe we can use paper and make one in paper. The bad thing about paper at home is that I am afraid it will break. Maybe we can use some kind of plastic protection. Or if we are lucky maybe we can buy some.

This is something we need to talk about inside the group. I see many people online get there games made in china. But that will cost too much if we are only making some games.


Maybe we can go to a used marked and get some used box and add our own design to that. Or memory card box with pieces and make the game pieces from the ones in the box we buy. Only thing about the used ones that they can be damaged and fragile. For now I will wait until next group meeting and see then what they think.


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