Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) Comic con offer

04 Feb

Today is a great day/night. I talked to Becky today and she told me that if my group could get the game programed and ready, we can have it at Comic Con in Denver this year. I got so excited. But after 30 minutes my head started working, we need to be done by June.

I really want to have it all done by June, but if I am not 100% sure I don’t want to promise that I can deliver. Better say no thank you, and maybe next year we can make something, then not managing to make what we say we will.

I feel that I need to let her know soon, and right now I want to be able to tell her we can make the game, but realistic I see we will have to much work.

But there is another possibility. And this one is a really great one to! They do have a board game section, if we could make a board game prototype, get some nice cards and make it look good, we can send them a prototype and they can play that in the board game section.

I would love to share my work with everyone at Comic Con, get feedback from people who try it, but only if I can be sure we make something good.

I am really excited to hear from my group now.


Becky did offer me a bed in her house if I would like to go, and now I really want to go. This is an opportunity that I can learn so much from. So I guess I need to start saving 😀


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