Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) – Feedback from family

05 Feb

My husband gave me some new ideas. Remove the roll dice before the water arrives, this will be make the game less confusing. I agree that removing the dice will make the game less confusing, I did talk to my group and they think the idea was good. Now we changed it to the new idea, and it worked really well.

Should we have a board or a random placing? A question we worked allot on. I think that it would be easier to have a square with the starts, but at the same time my group told me that it then will be difficult to walk outside the board. I am not sure if that is right, but I agree that finding another solution than a white board is smart. We made a start slide that you can measure where the start is placed before the game. I think that can work well. Even know I did get an idea about making the board see true, not sure if that would make the players feel the lines around the game. If it works well that is nice, but I still like the slice better because it is easy to place on the table, and it will make the players able to start different places. So my conclusion is that the start slice is the best solution.


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